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Solidify liquid waste on site

MuDD-DRY takes liquid waste that has come from civil engineering activities and solidifies it on-site within minutes, simultaneously eliminating the need for large volumes of bulking agent.

Consequently, site/project managers can achieve their objectives more efficiently because they are able to cater for a greater throughput of materials as they have the ability to dispose of it more efficiently.

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Collect Liquid Waste

Collect your liquid waste inside a standard mud pit on site.

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Apply Small Dosage

Apply a small dosage of MuDD-DRY (approximately 0.5%).

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Mix Waste With MuDD-DRY

Mix MuDD-DRY with liquid waste and watch it solidify in minutes.

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Transport to Destination

Material can now be transported in standard tippers to landfill or for reuse.

MuDD-DRY in action

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Download Application Guidelines & Product Specifications

Download Application Guidelines & Product Specifications

Fill in your name and email address to view and download our application guidelines and product specifications. Get access to 4 exclusive documents looking at:

  1. MuDD-DRY Application Guidelines​
  2. Information on Managing Liquid Waste
  3. Safety Data Sheet
  4. Environmental Comparisons vs Cement

    MUDD-DRY Applications Guidelines
    MUDD-DRY Safety Sheet

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