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We understand when it comes to your project you have three main objectives. MuDD-DRY supports you in achieving these objectives. ​

Number One MetaFLO Technologies

Complete on Time

Complete your project on time or ahead of schedule.

Number Two MetaFLO Technologies

Reduce Costs

Stick to the budget and cut costs where possible.

Number Three MetaFLO Technologies


Minimise your environmental impact.

Complete on time

Liquid waste can often come out wetter than expected, or for whatever reason, can take longer to dry than anticipated. MuDD-DRY can rapidly accelerate the speed in which your liquid waste dries, increasing throughput and ensuring you complete on time. 

MuDD-DRY Reduce Costs

Reduce Costs

Without adding vast amounts of cement, ash, or sawdust to solidify liquid waste, bulk is reduced almost completely , resulting in reduced transportation costs. Solids are also considerably cheaper to dispose of than liquids because they can be re-purposed or disposed of in landfill.

Eco - Friendly

With less bulk to transport fewer trucks are required, reducing emissions. Then because you solidify on-site you also eliminate the risk of transporting hazardous liquids. When MuDD-DRY is applied in the correct dosage material will also pass the liquid release test (paint filter) and even under moderate pressure will not be released the liquids absorbed. Not only does this comply with more environmental regulations, but it reduces leaching as MuDD-DRY degrades over multiple decades inside landfill or other environments. 

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